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    Interesting Tick Facts

    1) ticks, spiders and mites are arachnids; 2) female ticks lay 3,000-6,000 eggs; 3) ticks become active above 4°C; 4) ticks crawl; they cannot jump or fly 5) dogs and cats do not get the classic “bull’s eye” rash with a tick bite. The “bull’s eye” rash on a dog is usually due to black fly bites.

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    New to our website – Paws of Fame!

    For any of our clients who have a great picture of their pet(s) and want to share it, we would love to post it on our “Paws of Fame” page. It is a great way to share photos of all of the wonderful patients we have here at Centennial Animal Hospital! Please ask one of our team members for more information.

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    New to Our Website – Pet Memorial

    A nice way to remember pets that are no longer with us is to post a photo and short memorial of your beloved pet on our website. Please contact us for more information or visit our “Pet Memorial” page.

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    Oh No! There she goes again!

    Is your cat bringing up hairballs? Frequently vomiting up hair may indicate an underlying condition. If not, treatments are available to reduce frequency of this common problem. Call us to schedule an examination of your cat.

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    Easter Hazards

    Eating Easter Lilies, chocolate, toys, and decorations, are all cause for illness and emergency visits for dogs and cats around the Easter Holiday. Keep an extra close eye on your pet during this time, and please call us with any questions or concerns.

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    Why Pre-anaesthetic Testing is Important

    Pre-anaesthetic testing, through blood and/or urine testing, lets us know what is going on inside your pet, and helps us to reduce the risks of anaesthesia.It helps us diagnose any health concerns and can give us baseline values for your pet that we will use to compare future test results to.Ask us for more information.

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    Is your cat drinking enough water?

    It is very important to ensure your cat drinks enough water. Water maintains hydration, regulates body temperature, and plays a key role in flushing toxins out of the body as well as, the health of the urinary tract.

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    Easter Lily Toxicity

    With Easter around the corner, please remember that Easter Lilies are toxic to cats. Ask your Veterinarian today about Easter Lily Toxicity.

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    Confused And Bewildered in the Pet Food Aisle?

    Veterinary nutrition has come a long way, but now choices are endless. Let our trained team help you determine the best food for your dog or cat, based on their health history and risks.

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    Rabies Vaccination – Legally Required?

    Did you know that it is a legal requirement to have all dogs and cats up to date on their Rabies vaccinations in Ontario? Even indoor cats are at risk. Call us to review your pet’s vaccination status.

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We strive to provide high quality medical care to help our patients live longer, healthier lives.

We will provide the best possible service to our clients, and educate them so that they can be fully informed partners in the lifetime of their pets.

We will treat our clients, our patients, and each other as we would like to be treated; our clients and colleagues with respect, honesty and consideration, and our patients with kindness and compassion.

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