• Is your pet microchipped?

    This is the most reliable means of identification. If your pet is lost or stolen, a microchip will help increase the odds your pet is returned to you. Call us today to arrange microchipping for your pet.

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  • Fun Flea Facts!

    Did you know: 1) the female flea can lay 2,000 eggs; 2) a flea can live 100 days without a meal; 3) a flea can jump up to 8″ high or 150 times its own height – that is like a human jumping over a building. Don’t let fleas take over your house and pets!!

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  • What is “wellness testing”?

    Wellness testing generally includes the analysis of blood, urine and fecal samples in a laboratory. Our veterinarians may recommend one or all of these tests at your pet’s annual wellness examination for early disease detection.

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  • “Itchy” or “Scratchy”?

    Fleas are not the only culprit. Seasonal allergies are common in the summer and make our pets itch. Call us for an appointment if your pet is showing signs of
    allergies so we can provide some relief!

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  • Worried about affording the pet care your pet deserves?

    Consider pet health insurance, Emergency and unexpected pet care can be a strain on the family budget. Many affordable pet health insurance plans are available now. Ask us to help you choose the right pet health insurance plan.

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  • Dental Disease: The Silent Threat

    Gingivitis and dental tartar is more than just bad breath. Ask us for a dental evaluation of your pet and advice to help you keep your pet’s mouth healthy.

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  • Frightened Feline?

    Cats do not always like to travel, especially when it is travelling to see the Veterinarian. Here are some helpful tips on travelling with your feline friend; http://centennialah.ca/pet-health-resources/pet-health-articles/articles/?rid=195.

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We strive to provide high quality medical care to help our patients live longer, healthier lives.

We will provide the best possible service to our clients, and educate them so that they can be fully informed partners in the lifetime of their pets.

We will treat our clients, our patients, and each other as we would like to be treated; our clients and colleagues with respect, honesty and consideration, and our patients with kindness and compassion.

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