Adult Pet Wellness

As part of our Comprehensive Lifestage Wellness Program, we recommend an annual physical examination and consultation for all adult pets. However, some pets may have individual medical considerations which require examinations and monitoring more frequently than once per year. Should your pet require regular medication, be diagnosed with a disease, or be recognized as having risk factors that may predispose to disease, our veterinarians will discuss with you the appropriate plan for your pet’s healthcare.

At the physical examination and consultation, our veterinarians will discuss your pet’s lifestyle, risk factors, and individual needs with you, in order to develop a personalized healthcare plan. This plan usually includes vaccination, deworming, heartworm and flea prevention, nutritional counseling, a dental health assessment, and an opportunity to address any particular behaviour concerns.

Depending on your pet’s needs, we may recommend blood work, urinalysis, fecal testing, or other tests with the annual exam. Wellness Testing is the testing of apparently well pets to detect disease processes before they cause clinical problems, and to improve the disease outcome and overall health of your pet. Early disease detection, diagnosis, and appropriate treatments can result in your companion living a longer healthier life. Another benefit of Wellness Testing is to establish “baseline” values for your individual pet. We can use these normal values when interpreting later test results rather than just comparing your pet’s results to standard laboratory normal ranges.

We provide on-site diagnostic and wellness services for your adult pet including but not limited to: blood testing, fecal testing, urine testing, radiology (x-rays), and ultrasound. Some testing may require us to use a commercial laboratory.

We understand the significant bond that people develop with their pets and want the relationship you have with your pet to be a rewarding experience. With appropriate wellness care, your pet will have the best chance at the long, healthy life he or she deserves. Please feel free to contact us to discuss our Adult Wellness Program in more detail.


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